Hand Tied Extensions

The Basics

Covet & Mane hand tied extensions are made up of wefts, or lightweight sections of all-natural 100% human hair that can be customized using both color and placement. These extensions are of the highest quality and are meticulously made by hand to be nearly invisible. They are Silicone-Free which makes them blend seamlessly with your hairs natural texture.


Our extension method has minimal points of contact and zero glue, tape, or fusion involved. This means less damage and easy removal.

With our extension method, a row of beads and thread (called a track) are placed onto very small sections of your natural hair. The extension hair is then hand-sewn onto the thread of the track. The track and extension hair together are light, and designed to wear comfortably.



Every 6-10 weeks, as your natural hair grows, your extensions will need to be moved up and re-glossed to match your hair.

Every 6-10 months, the extensions need to be replaced. While the hair is 100% human hair, it’s not receiving nourishment from your scalp, and will begin to show some wear and tear.



You can shampoo and condition your hair as usual. You will want to take extra care when brushing and blow-drying hair so as not to snag or extensively pull on the area where your hair and extensions meet. Once your extensions are placed, I’ll provide more detailed care tips (and products) for everyday styling.

You can swim, work out and style your hair as usual. I recommend you braid your hair when working out or swimming to avoid matting,. Take extra care never to let sunblock or suntan oil touch your extension hair, even avoid spray-on sun products as this can cause immediate discoloration. If you swim or work out frequently, we will go over additional care tips together!

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