Extension Pricing


Sandy Beach

Includes: Blending Color, Cut & Waves
​​1st Row $375
Additional Rows $150
+ cost of extensions

Cost of Extensions
14" weft $75

18" weft $130
22" weft $195

18" weft $155
22" weft $240

Adding volume: 1 row is typically 3-5 wefts
Adding length: 2 rows typically 6-10 wefts
A 3rd row is necessary when blending blunt cuts: typically +3 wefts
***The cost of extensions is due at the time of booking.*** 
Service costs will be due the day of your appointment.

Luxury Blending
Ultimate Blending Finish: +$150
Includes all of the above plus blending highlights!

Care Package
Shampoo, Mask, Leave-In, Oil,
Brush & Silk Pillowcase

(typically every 6 to 10 weeks)

​Per Row $150
Re-Install on dry, clean hair & finishing waves
​*Price does not include color or blowout

1st Row $350
Additional Rows $150
Includes Re-Install, Color Refresh, Blowout and Waves

​Refresh and Renew

1st Row $400
Additional Rows $150
Includes Re-Install, Color Refresh, Luxury Scalp Treatment, Blowout and Waves

Prices may shift based on the plan we create together. 

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Sandy Beach